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emotional support dog

This is the most broad category of our dogs, and indeed any dog can technically become an emotional support dog so long as they provide you with comfort and solace against any negative symptoms you experience due to emotional or physical disabilities. Our Unconditional Emotional Support Dogs go to the next level and are trained to be the perfect canine companion, with the mastery of basic obedience training under levels of distraction, excellent socialisation and impeccable manners so they can go anywhere with you and be calm and under control, as this allows you to truly benefit from the emotional support when you know yours dogs behaviour wont be a cause of any emotional distress.

Therapy dog

A Therapy Dog performs much the same duties as previously discussed, however they are trained to a high enough level that they can provide this service to others as well as yourself. Our Unconditional Therapy Dogs are trained to be able to go into all but the most extreme of environments and provide comfort and support to those who need it. To achieve this they are trained to a higher standard of obedience under higher levels of distraction. They are socialised to an extremely high level so that they are calm and relaxed meeting new people and we ensure their manners will remain impeccable no matter the situation. 

Service dog

Service dogs are specifically trained to aid a person who is emotionally or physically disabled. To do so they must be able to stay calm, relaxed and under control in any and all situations, no matter the level of distraction. They are also trained to assist their own with a number of tasks specific to their disability, for example fetching medication or providing relief against a panic attack. Our Unconditional Service Dogs are trained to the highest level with a bespoke plan to ensure they are the perfect companion for their intended owner.

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