About us

Set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, the Will Atherton Canine Centre is a canine behaviour modification and training facility designed to help dogs and their owners reach their true potential. The Centre offers a range of services to meet the needs of all owners with dogs of all levels and behaviours. As a leading Centre for behaviour modification no dog is turned away for severity of behaviour and following our system of loving leadership based training methodologies the Centre is known for providing remarkable transformations. 

The centre was founded and is run by Will Atherton.

Best known for his presence on YouTube, Will has the most subscribed to and viewed channels in the UK for dog training with over 1,000,000 subscribers and over 200,000,000 views on YouTube alone. 

Will is also the author of the best selling book ‘Raising and Training Perfect Puppies – The Missing Secret To Success’ and has built the world’s largest online dog training platform with his WA Academy, helping hundreds of thousands of dog owners across the world. Will has created a team of incredibly talented and equally passionate staff members to provide the single best results and customer service in the country to ensure you have the perfect canine companion you’ve always dreamed of.

Behaviour clinic

At the Will Atherton Canine Centre we pride ourselves on helping the dogs that other trainers have given up on. Our team of expert trainers and behaviourists are amongst the best in the UK and provide incredible transformations to the dogs we work with. You can apply for our world renowned Behavioural Assessment and Treatment Programme here.

unconditional canines programme

Our Unconditional Canines Programme is dedicated to training high level service dogs for those in need. Inspired by our Founder’s own story and Sully, the Labrador that supported him through his own struggles with mental health, we now raise and train our own service dogs to those that need the same support, as well as teaching others to Train Their Own Unconditional Canines.

perfect puppy programme

 At the Will Atherton Canine Centre we believe in the power of getting things right first time with your puppy to avoid making mistakes that spiral into behavioural problems as your dog gets older. Our Perfect Puppy Programme is designed to be your step-by-step guide through puppy training. Our team can support you and your puppy through 1-1 and group class settings, whilst providing an incredible socialisation experience for your puppy as well.

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